Workplace Choirs Bristol

Since 2008 I have been founding, conducting and running choirs for people to participate in as their hobby, whether that’s community choirs, children’s choirs or a chamber choir.

In that time, I have seen first-hand the impact singing can have on people, whether that is on their mental health, their feeling of self-worth, their self-confidence, their ability to work in a team, their communication skills or one of the arrays of other benefits that singing can bring.

I know there are many people out there who would like to sing in a choir but who simply don’t have the time for a hobby in the evening. And having spoken to a friend of mine who works in London and runs workplace choirs herself, I decided this was a great opportunity to do something similar in Bristol. A beneficial hobby in your workplace at a convenient time, singing accessible songs, getting to know colleagues you may not otherwise have spent time with or talked to, striving for high standards but without too much commitment; what’s not to like?!

Choir performing
Singing playing

Some of the Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Singing and Music

Music and singing can be beneficial to your life and also to your work and business in lots of different ways. These can include:

  1. A more positive outlook on life and a sense of purpose, boosting energy levels
  2. The potential to inspire, both musically but also more widely in other areas of your life, feeding your soul, making you feel more uplifted.
  3. Finding spiritual meaning in singing and music.
  4. A pressure valve to relieve stress, helping people relax and sleep better.
  5. Help posture and improve mental alertness.
  6. It can be therapeutic/cathartic to have an outlet for your emotions, which have sometimes been bottled up. Most people can find their own meaning in songs and can be very healing.
  7. Finding a cultural loophole in a world where we’re not really supposed to express our feelings, the arts is somewhere you are allowed to express your feelings. When a therapist recommends you write a diary, you need a place to put the frustration, the rage and the fear so it has somewhere to live that is not inside your body. Once you get it out of your body, it can no longer make you unhappy or sick.
  8. Being part of and making music with a cohesive social group, sharing this experience can be very meaningful and inspirational.
  9. There is research to suggest singing could improve symptoms of Parkinson’s, depression and lung health.
  10. There is research to suggest singing can boost your immune system.
  11. There is research to suggest singing can increase oxygen levels in the blood and oxytocin (happy hormone) which can help lower stress levels and blood pressure.
  12. Studies (Harvard and Yale 2008) have found that the population of Newhaven, Connecticut, had increased their life expectancy through choral singing. The researchers believed this was because singing promoted a healthy heart and an improved mental state. There is much scientific research outlining the benefits of singing, whether a workplace choir or similar community singing activity. Read The Choral Cure for more information.
  13. A study suggested choral singing can regulate a nerve responsible for emotions and communication with others strengthens feeling of cooperation. (University of Gothenburg).
  14. Study to show singing in a choir can be significantly more effective at improving mood than team sport. Something unique about synchronicity of moving and breathing with other people. Singing in a group possibly gives us an experience that we have lost as a society.
  15. An uplifting experience. We often sing when we’re happy, but singing when we feel down, may be an even better idea. Singing causes the brain to produce hormones called endorphins which rush around body. It has the same effect as when you eat a bar of chocolate.

If you work for a business which would like to start a workplace choir, please let us know!