Music Team Building Bristol

From a lifetime of music and over 20 years of professional experience, I am now able to share through music what I believe can also be valuable lessons in life and business. These include:

1. Working and building relationships with other people.
2. Co-operating better with other people, learning to work in harmony, literally!
3. Learning to trust other people.
4. Patience.
5. Commitment.
6. Concentration.
7. Communication.
8. Initiative and taking responsibility in a group environment.
9. Getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself.

10. Balancing risk to achieve excellence.
11. The value of hard work and the reward of success that it brings – that in life, you get out what you put in.
12. Sharing a common purpose (learning a song for example) unites every member of a team and helps to bond the group together.
13. Helps you to meet and communicate with new people within a group.
14. As well as the whole group, it can also help sub-teams to bond – sopranos, basses etc.
15. Being part of a cohesive social group can be and feel very meaningful.

Tom Jones
Singing playing

All of this can lead to:

  • Happy teams
  • Better customer service
  • Improved performance
  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced rapport

Half and full day packages we’re offering are:

1. Singing – with mental health and wellbeing being central to the day.
2. Xylophones, Sticks And Conducting
3. Learning How A Team Works Through Music


The Benefits of Music Relating to Motivation, Inspiration & Building Confidence

Participating in music and singing can help people in their work and lives become more motivated, confident and inspired. Examples of this can include:

1. Having a motivating and energising experience. Motivation comes after action.
2. Using your mind creatively and the value of creativity and innovation.
3. Bravery and courage – performing in front of others, putting yourself out there.
4. Self belief and empowerment.
5. In today’s world of technology where so much is virtual and online – it can be valuable to be part of something living, breathing, dynamic and ‘in the moment’. Even more so post-Covid in a world of remote and hybrid-working.
6. When you are singing and performing, you have nowhere to hide. It requires you to be brave, as it comes from within with no barrier between you and your audience, in a way that even performing with a musical instrument doesn’t give you.
7. This increases self-confidence, self-esteem and presence.
8. Helps to eradicate barriers, aiding the ability to communicate effectively.

If you work for a business which would be interested in booking a day of musical team building or starting a workplace choir, please let us know!