OTM South Bristol Choir at the Totterdown Music Festival

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    OTM South Bristol Choir at the Totterdown Music Festival

    OTM South Bristol Choir at the Totterdown Music Festival

    Saturday 13th June marked the first performance of the OTM South Bristol Choir at the fantastic Totterdown Music Festival and what a good show we put on. As the choir are all from the surrounding area, it was really good to perform on our home turf. After a lot of sunshine the week before, my heart did sink a little when I heard rain beating down as I woke up on Saturday morning and looked outside to see a very grey, very British sky. I don’t think it was quite what we all had in mind for the weather when we booked this performance back in November as I think we were all hoping for a baking hot day with people lounging around on picnic rugs and sipping Pimms in Totterdown Square (otherwise known as outside Tesco!) but it didn’t matter one bit as it turned out. And anyway – we do live in England!

    As I pulled up just after 1pm, got out of my car and rounded the corner I saw that the very original and rather cool lorry in front of me with no sides but a drum kit and lots of speakers on it was in fact the stage – brilliant!

    20 minutes later we were up there and as if from nowhere an audience had appeared in front of us! They weren’t wearing sunglasses, sitting with picnic hampers or holding G&T’s but they were there to support us which was the main thing. And quite a few of them did look strangely familiar!

    We kicked off with  I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel To Be Free. After we’d finished and I turned and looked round there were more people than there were when we started. This either meant that a lot of people had finished their weekly shop all at the same time, or hopefully that actually we were doing ok. This pattern continued as we sung Sam Smith’s Stay With Me and Rather Be by Clean Bandit. By the time I turned to address the audience – some light heckling ensued including the words “It’s not Unusual” but nothing I’m not used to! – the crowd had swelled to a good size and by this time I didn’t know who most of them were which also was encouraging!

    As I sat back down at my keyboard for the last two numbers, I realised just how close I was to the choir on this lorry but I must say they sounded great that close up! The last two songs began with what has almost become our signature song, Something Inside So Strong before going straight into Dancing Queen to round things off. As we finished up, the audience seemed genuinely to have really enjoyed it and who can blame them? The choir sang superbly and also performed with great energy and joy. Given that not even all our members could be there, let alone that we are still a very young choir, I thought it was a great triumph!

    As the applause faded I asked Carolyn, one of our Part 3’s who was in the audience to take a photo so I could tweet it straight away. The audience lingered and seemed to think that maybe this was part of the show or maybe a rather original encore?! I assured them it wasn’t and it was just me trying to finally understand and involve myself in Social Media!

    A great vibe, brilliant local festival and hopefully – if not headlining – we’ll be further up the bill next time having sung so well on our first time. A rather nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon..

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